Thursday, 13 May 2010

That took a while!

I finally finished sorting out the shipping stuff over on etsy this morning. To be honest we haven't sold anything in ages as we haven't updated much over the last few months and as a result the shipping rates were way off! Now, thanks to my handy shipping rates leaflet, they are all corrected. After an hour fighting with paypal I even managed to issue refunds on the overpayments.

My mum is visiting today with knitted goodies, we're going to play dollies and I'll have a good chat about all the shop stuff (custom orders, new hoodie design!!!)
The sun is shining so I may even get some nice pictures of her doll, she always brings one over and it's always a nice suprise. I do want to steal her Groovy Groove though.

On my knitting front I am ploughing on with a bright pink cardigan for my smallest daughter Dizzy. I will get back into blythe knitting soon, it's just so much simpler to knit the cardigan as it is simple garter stitch & I can leave it in the midst without losing my place.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

At last! An update!

I finally updated rosesblytheknits after promising to for ages. What can I say, life with 2 small children is rather time consuming!
I'm waiting to hear back from my Mum about a custom order and a new hoodie pattern which I fancy trying when I get time. At the moment I keep buying yarn that just gets stuffed into my huge yarn bag. I must be crazy buying more, somebody stop me!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Feeling a bit better today and even contemplating carrying on with my complicated blythe top! I will probably be listing the new cardigans today or tomorrow so keep an eye out for them!
My mum has designed a new hoodie and hopefully we'll be selling that design too. She's away on holiday at the moment so I can't get any pics for now. I may even be going on holiday next month to Mull but it is still in the planning stages. Imagine the pictures I could take in a place like that.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Delay in updating

Well we got moved and as predicted it took slightly longer to get back online than it was supposed to. I've been flat out busy and then as soon as I get any spare time I fall ill.
I won't be listing any new stuff until the girls and I are feeling a bit better.
My knitting has also suffered from the move. Before I moved I had loads of ideas & was getting on with a few projects. Now I'm so tired that I'm just working away at Dizzy's garter stitch cardigan. Probably for the best or she won't even fit in it by the time I finish it!