Blythe Basics Knitting Patterns

Blythe Basics Patterns:
Here's my very simple patterns. I've tried to aim them all at beginners, if you have any problems feel free to contact me.

Basic Scarf
**Please note that since putting this pattern up I've found that the scarf stretches over time so I have altered the length accordingly. sorry for any confusion!**

For this pattern you will need your 4mm needles (UK size 8/US size 6), your chosen double knitting yarn and a darning needle big enough to get double knitting yarn in! A pair of scissors and a ruler would come in handy too.
You might want to use a crochet hook for weaving in your ends. There will be tutorials for casting on, knitting, casting off and weaving in ends.

Make a slip knot and cast on (CO) until you have 6 stitches.
Knit in garter stitch (which means every stitch is a knit stitch) until your work measures approx 27cm. You can make the scarf longer or shorter if you feel like it!
Cast off/Bind off (CO) leaving a tail of about 10cms if you'd like to put pockets on it. If not leave a tail of about 5cms for weaving in.

For pockets fold the ends over to make the pockets, the size is up to you.
Sew the sides of the pocket using the long tail left over using whichever method is easiest for you. Weave the end in using your crochet hook or darning needle, whichever you prefer.You can also make your scarf wider by casting on more stitches or thinner by casting on less.

Alternate versions
Make a wider scarf by casting on 12 instead. Knit until it's approx 35cs long. This makes a giant scarf that you can wrap around the head and pin in place as shown in the pic. I'm also going to pop a version with armholes on here if it works out!

You can find a handy list of knitting abbreviations here

Beginners Blythe Hat

What you need: Your size 4mm needles (You'll be given some at Blythecon) some double knit wool, a large needle for sewing it up and a crochet hook if you have one for weaving in the ends.

Cast On 27 stitches
Knit until your work measures about 18cms
Cast off
Fold in half and sew up the sides, weaving in the ends on the inside of the hat.

Sometimes, depending on your wool, you may have to cast on less as the wool can vary in thickness even when it's all Double knit. You want the hat to measure about 13cms in width. So if your work is wider than this you may want to frog it and start again with a cast on of 26 instead.

Simple Shrug

Fancy trying your hand at a simple shrug for your blythe? Here's how to do it.
Get your trusty size 3mm needles (also called a size 11) and cast on 10 stitches using double knit.Knit approximately 35 rows in rib stitch (knit then purl) or longer if you'd like long sleeves. Cast off. Sew the very ends together, just catching the edges so that you're not making a big seam - I usually sew about 1cm at each side to make the sleeves. Weave in your ends and you're all done!
You can go for an 8 cast on instead if it's not going over sleeves but a 10 gives you more room. Have fun trying it out and let me know if you manage one! If you're really good at knitting and actually have time to follow a pattern there is a beautiful shrug pattern by Parasol Doll over on Ravelry, it looks amazing but I haven't had time to try it yet. And my printer is dead.