How to Knit - the Basics

The Slip Knot
The slip knot acts as your first stitch and allows you to cast on

1) Make a loop

2) Fold the loop over the long piece of yarn, from right to left

3) Pull the long piece of yarn up through the loop as shown whilst holding the two tails you can see dangling down

 4) Pull it tight and this makes your slip knot! Pop it onto the needle and you have your first stitch for casting on with.

Casting On
This is where you put the required number of stitches on your needle ready to knit!

1) Insert your right needle into the back of the slip knot as shown

2) Wrap the long bit of yarn around the right needle from right to left

3) Using the right hand needle, scoop the yarn out under the front of the left hand needle

 4) Pull the loop out as shown

  5) Scoop the tip of the left hand needle under the yarn on the right needle as shown. Once the loop is on the main part of the left needle take the right needle out.

6) Give the yarn a little tug to tighten it and you now have your next stitch! Repeat until you have the right number of stitches.

The Knit Stitch 
This is your basic stitch. This is almost the same as the cast on except at the very end! Once you've learnt this you're a Knitter!

1) Insert the right hand needle into the back of the stitch as shown

2) Wrap the yarn around the needle

3) Scoop the yarn out under the front of the left hand needle, making sure the loop is securely on your right needle. Now this is where it differs from the cast on so watch carefully!

4) Instead of pulling the loop out and, scooping it onto your left hand needle, simply slip the yarn you can see towards the needle tip off the needle. You have now done your first stitch!

5) This is your first knitted stitch, it always looks a bit funny at first. Knit the rest of the row then swop your needles over and start again.

Casting Off
As I haven't managed a casting off tutorial as yet take a look at this video to show you how to do it. It is aimed at beginners so it's very helpful!