Sunday, 20 February 2011

Up and knitting

It's Sunday and I have managed to get out of bed and knit! My knitting progress has been interrupted by various requests (More breakfast please mummy, can you draw me a tiger and other lovely things) so I am going rather slowly.
I promised a Shrug pattern and here's a pic of my progress so far.
The green one is one that I made ages ago and forgot to write down what I did. The purple is from a pattern my Mum gave me and is far too small. The brown is one I'm working on at the moment and if this turns out fine I will post the pattern, they are really simple.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Knitting at last!

After an eventful few months I am starting to get back on track with my knitting and I'm even aiming to get a new How to Knit for Blythe PDF done for downloading on here. It should be updated in time for Blythecon 2011. Well, I can dream anyway! I'm also working on a basic shrug pattern to pop on here as well, it will involve ribbing though so be prepared.
I am also going on a culling session of my girls as I have TOO many. I haven't sold a girl in ages so it will be a bit weird seeing them go. Oh well, fewer girls to knit for I suppose.