Friday, 4 June 2010

Another friday update, this time with more pictures hopefully!
My knitting mission is finally underway - I am determined to knit something for each of my girls, improving my existing skills and perhaps learning some new ones. I want to start making hoodies properly (with button holes!) and I really need to polish up my finishing skills.
My first blythe mission item is a blue dress for my HW Lucky. I'm using an old pattern that I bought on ebay and I'm adapting it for blythe as there are very patterns that fit her small body. So far, with my Mum's mathematical help, I've reduced down the recommended 44st cast on to make a frill on the bottom of the dress. I'm working on the skirt & trying to figure out what length it needs to be. If all goes to plan I'll have it finished by monday. Discovering podcasts has made my knitting time so much more enjoyable!
My Mum has been working on some requests and a few new things for the shop. If you've popped by my flickr account you'll probably have spotted them by now.
Here's a quick peek of what to look out for in the next few weeks

I'll let you know when more things are being listed anyways!

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