Sunday, 18 September 2011

On Strike!

After a few failed knitting projects I decided to go on strike last week, not much use when you have a) the Blythe Shopping directory to update b)Blythecon UK coming up c) charity project for the shop coming up in october.
I have been having a rather large think about Blythe and my collection and pretty much the whole financial aspect of a hobby that is now officially TOO EXPENSIVE for me. I can no longer buy a doll at random like I used to be able to and I have these expensive bits of plastic sat round the house in boxes whilst we struggle to sort our finances out. 
So....I am having a large clearout that involves selling my goldie, hollywood and a few other girls. This means that we can fit a woodburner at our house and cut our heating bills dramatically this winter. Hurray! Free warmth!
It does also mean that for the first time I am in the position of selling an expensive doll, something I've never done before. Meep!

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