Monday, 16 August 2010

Busy weekend!

Phew, with the school holidays I seem to be flat out doing family stuff at the moment. I hardly even got to look at my knitting needles, they're sat looking all sad with a half finished blythe bag on them for my patterns project. My littlest girl also managed to get her hands on some of it & brought it upstairs to me whilst I was in the shower. Needless to say I Was Not Amused. So the plan this week is to finish the bag, draft the hat pattern out and finally post the bajillions of Blythe Shopping Directory posts I've been planning. When the kids go back to school I will be posting more (when I'm not weeping over my first born starting school - kidding.Kind of)
I've actually completed my first hoodie and it looks really cute but I want to add some stuff to it before I show it off, I've even started my second with some design alterations. My Mum made some whilst on the beach and they are really cute! Hopefully I can post pics soon.
We're meeting up for thr Rowan Knitalong at Grassmere this weekend which looks a lot of fun, they will have sheep and actual wool so I may be forced into buying some. Hurray! I haven't bought any wool in, oh lets see, days!

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