Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Lace knitting project, how it turned out!

Check out the Lucy Line in the post below this one and then check out how it turned out!!
First up here's a blurry close up of the lace pattern on the hood. I went for a falling leaves pattern as it matched the green, the hood took quite a while as I only lace knit when my kids are both at school. That gives me 2 days a a week! It went really well until two thirds of the way through when I realised I had dropped a stitch somewhere on a purl row (the yarnovers can be hard to spot) and the pattern is ever so slightly off as a result.
I knit the body of the hoodie with very little alteration from my usual pattern apart from some extra moss stitch on the sleeves and front. It is far too plain so I will be altering the pattern for my next go. The body could also do with being slightly longer, must remember!

And here is the final result. I left a gap in the back for the hair & pull string so it sits nicely on Robin's head. often when the doll has lots of hair it can pull the hood off with its weight. I added a leaf button as decoration and used a popper to fasten it as I didn't want to risk knitting buttonholes just yet.
I am really pleased with it but I am already looking forward to doing version 2 in a different colour. Lace knitting is oddly addictive!

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  1. Fantastic top, love the last picture. I have just found your blog and I'm so happy to see some Blythe knitting! Its great to see you sharing patterns and yours thoughts/results. Especially because got a fellow British Blythe fan!!!
    Love the blog!!