Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Ravelry Patterns - The Fishnet Lace Dress

This pattern took me ages. Not because of the pattern but because I was a lace knitting noob and knitting with such fine wool almost drove me insane.
Anyways you can find this pattern over on Ravelry and you need to register (it is an amazing knitting resource though so why not?) It costs $5 and you need lace weight yarn (fluffy is good) and 2mm needles or whatever that translates as. Why must there be so many variations of needle sizes hmm?
To make it you need to be able to cast on, knit & purl for the stocking stitch, do yarnovers, knit 2 tog and cast off.
My main problem with lace knitting is that I knit tightly so I found it very hard knitting 2 together as required by the pattern, it took me at least 2 goes before I got it just right. Once you have the lace knitting sussed this pattern is easy & quick to make. The instructions are clear and the finished dress is just sheer knitted wonderment.
I would suggest trying some lace knitting before having a go at this though!
Also - I don't knit with markers at all as they drive me mad. I just made sure I kept count (mostly)
Sarah, of Blythe Princess Designs, has these for sale in her shop and there are more patterns over on etsy if you fancy it.
Happy Lace Knitting!

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