Thursday, 22 March 2012

Ravelry Pattern - Parasol Doll Shrug

Another Ravelry pattern (Have you joined yet?) and this is a lovely one! Shrugs and kisses by Maggie Baird aka Parasoll Doll is a delight to knit, simple and very cute. This pattern is also free so hop to it!
You need sock weight or fingering yarn, I used 4ply as I don't have sock yarn (shcoking oversight on my part) and you'll need 2.25mm needles. Again I didn't have these so I used a 2.5mm and it didn't make much difference.
To make it you need to be able to cast on, do moss stitch & stocking stitch, increase by knitting in the front and back of a stitch, and cast off. Easy peasy!
I admit that I had no clue how this would work from the picture as I usually need to see something 'in the wool' before I can figure it out. Once made I folded it and had the light bulb moment, yes I am that daft.
I would recommend this for beginners and anyone who wants a lovely shrug!
Maggie also has patterns on her website here, enjoy!

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